Popiah @ Auntie rojak

Popiah @ Auntie rojak

Auntie rojak is run by multiple generations of the same family, the pioneer generation couple, seemingly in their late 80s, and their daughter who helps out during peak periods. Auntie rojak specialises in both rojak (hence the name of the stall) and popiah (the uncle preps all the ingredients and sauces). The aunty at the helm is meticulous when it comes to making the popiah, so be prepared to wait or order extra food from another stall. However, the time it takes to wait for the popiah to be prepared is all forgiven during that first bite. The popiah somehow creates opposite sensations at the same time in your mouth: crunchy but delicate, a hint of spice followed by a kick of sweetness, such light skin but filling at the same time. This stall appears to have quite a following, appearing in the paper and other blogs. I cannot lay claim to be a popiah expert in any sense of the word, but I know what I like.


Price: 1pc for $1.80, 2pc for $3.20

Coffee shop: LTN Food Village
Address: 936 East Coast Rd, Siglap
Hours: 11am - 7pm (closed monday and thursdays)

Auntie rojak

Ltn eating house

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