Cheng tng @ Ye lai xiang cheng tng

Cheng tng @ Ye lai xiang cheng tng

I have never had cheng tng before, at least not that I specifically remember – possibly as part of a wedding banquet. So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I was ordering it. There was no one in front of me so I could glimpse what was on offer. However, this hawker centre is not exactly close to much, so I thought I should try in case I’m not back here in a while.

Cheng tng

I still do not quite now what I was eating, several ingredients I haven’t come across before, from pang da hai to lotus seeds to dried persimmon. A seemingly cacophony of flavours from the many ingredients were swimming below the ice. But damn if it wasn’t delicious and refreshing.

Cheng tng ingredients

The dessert was sweet, but not overly so. For me its not as delicious as chendol, but if I walk past a hawker selling cheng tng on a hot day I will surely purchase.

Price: $3.00

Hawker centre: Bedok food corner
Address: #01-31, 1 Bedok Rd
Hours: 12pm - 8pm (closed mondays)

Ye lai xiang cheng tng

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