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Kolo mee

I always get excited when I see kolo mee (here and here), one of my favourite south-east asian dishes. It’s the king of noodle dishes.

The noodles here are yum, cooked so they have a perfect bite to them and thoroughly coated in the shallot flavoured oil. The rest of the sauce are perhaps a bit weaker, its lacking that punch I expect from kolo mee. The char siew was a too sweet for my tastes, but the cuts are generous. Its still not quite what I fondly remember about the Sarawak kolo mee, but its getting mighty close. The price of $5 is a bit steep - perhaps the noodles are more expensive than most? I’m not sure.

I will come back to try the laksa, their signature dish.

Price: $5.00

Coffee shop: Shi Wei Tian Kopitiam
Address: Blk 204 Bedok North Street 1, 460204
Hours: 9am - 7pm (closed Mondays)

Sarawak delicacy laksa & kolo mee

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