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Wanton mee

I found myself back in Bedok North on a Carousell meetup adventure. He asked to meet at 538 market and food centre. This was a hawker centre I had never visited before, so naturally I was excited. I could eat something new while I handed over money.

The excitement was very short lived. Arriving there at 2pm, I quickly realised this hawker centre gave off strong “morning only” vibes. 99% of the stalls were closed for the day already. Ah Kiat’s brightly lit sign was still beaming strong, with 3 staff bustling about inside the stall, hence I gravitated towards them.

I always order the signature dish when I go to a stall for the first time. Ah Kiat’s is the wanton mee, so this was to be my lunch. It did start well, just as I was about to order, a man pushed in front of me. He was complaining his fried wantons were not cooked enough and he wanted them put in the fryer longer. I hoped I wouldn’t have to send mine back, I was too hungry.

Delicious noodles

The standout part of this dish are the noodles. Each individual strand is separated from each other, perfectly cooked. The noodles are very thin, springy, and with a hint of overall sourness. Its like a great bowl of pasta, I could eat a mountain of these noodles. The sauce coats the noodles nicely, with a decent chilli kick, although the salt could be reduced a little - its not like the stall is peddling drinks on the side. The soups was nice, but nothing really stood out. The wantons had a wonderful silky texture and slight crunch when chewing - water chestnuts?

The char siew is my least favourite part of the dish. Its dry, dare I say bland, and tastes almost artificial. I need my char siew to taste like the wonderful pig it came from.

Come here just to try the noodles, but I suggest trying some other than the char siew.

Price: $3.50

Hawker centre: Block 538 Bedok North Market and Food Centre
Address: #01-92, 538 Bedok North Street 3, 460538
Hours: 4:30am - 3pm (closed thursdays)

Ah Kiat Wanton Mee

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