Curry chicken noodles @ Peng yu chicken rice & noodle

Curry chicken noodles

In my quest to eat as much chicken as possible before the effects of the malaysian export ban, I found myself at another chicken rice place, this time in bedok south. Below the menu signage of the hawker was a sign for “curry noodles”. Well I always like to try something new…

Curry noodle sign

As soon as I saw the bowl, I realised I’ve eaten this dish before at Hong Lim food centre (pre-covid). The curry noodle consists of poached white chicken in a curry gravy, with bean sprouts, tau pok, and noodles. Unlike the one at Hong Lim, there were no potatoes in this dish. The soup was aromatic and sweet, but not as lemak as I prefer. I guess this is a more healthy version, so I shouldn’t complain. But the chicken was amazing, poached to perfection, and tau pok in curry are always delicious as they soak up all the flavours of the curry. Cannot complain about the price either. Definitely a rainy day kind of food.

Price: $3.50

Hawker centre: Block 16 Bedok South Market & Food Centre
Address: #01-13, 16 Bedok South Rd, 460016
Hours: 7am – 2pm (closed tuesdays)

Peng yu chicken rice & noodle

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