Fishball noodles @ White rabbit fishball noodles

Fishball noodles @ White rabbit fishball noodles

Whenever I go to a new stall, I always choose the #1 dish, rightly or wrongly assuming it is their signature. White rabbit say they have been making fishball noodles since 1984, so I had to jump at the chance to try.

Bad jokes aside. The dish came plated with the fish and meat balls in the soup bowl and a bowl of dry noodles as the side dish, something I have not seen before. I started with the soup. The fishballs had a great flavour, but had that almost too smooth machine made texture. Admittedly some had a nicer texture than others. The meat ball was delicious, appearing small but full of flavour. $4 got me 3 fishballs and 1 meatball. The soup was full of minced pork, making it extremely flavourful. Not a light soup to end a meal.

The real star here is the noodles. They are like the love child of mee pok and mee kia, deliciously chewy with that hit of egg flavour. The chilli sauce and lard mixture coated them to make a heavenly combination. With a sprinkling of pork lard thrown on top.

White rabbit's amazing noodles

Price: $4.00

Coffee shop: Springleaf Eating House
Address: 69 Bedok South Ave 3
Hours: 7am - 8pm

White rabbit fishball noodles

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