Ban mian soup @ Fu zhou handmade ban mian

Ban mian soup

I spotted this stall as I was leaving Decathlon. “Fu Zhou” caught my eye. Not a cuisine style I have seen advertised much around Singapore. I knew of them because my friend is a proud Hock Chew man, having introduced me to the fishballs stuffed with meat. I wanted to try the red wine chicken mee sua. Sadly, they had sold out. So I went with the other signature dish, the ban mian.

The soup itself was nice, but salty. Perhaps it was getting to the end of the lunchtime rush (it was ~2:30pm) and the soup had concentrated too much. The noodles were home made and chewy, but a bit undercooked perhaps with that slimy floury texture. I loved how much spinach was in the bowl. Greens are normally a side thought for hawker dishes and yet according to my doctor I need to eat a lot more of them. Good quality ikan bilis also, making for jam packed soup for its price.

The highlight of the dish was the small hand rolled meatballs floating in the soup. The flavour of the marinated pork was almost intoxicating. Worth the price of the dish alone.

Price: $3.50

Coffee shop: Foodhub@Chai Chee
Address: 26A Chai Chee Road, 461026
Hours: 11am - 10pm (closed sundays)

Fu Zhou Handmade Ban Mian

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