Laksa @ Katong laksa

Laksa @ Katong laksa

There are a multitude of katong laksa shops around the east as a result of the laksa wars, the history of, which can be read here and here. This katong laksa stall on Changi road is equal favourite with Janggut Laksa in Roxy Square (post coming soon).

The uncle operates this kopitiam by himself, no mean feat. The laksa is very lemak, a signature of katong laksa’s, that and the cut thick beehoon. You can taste the grains of rempah in the coconut gravy, giving it that homemade mouthfeel. I love how he cooks the beehoon in the laksa gravy for added flavour. The laksa gravy is topped off with slices of fish cake, sliced prawns, some bean sprouts, and of course, hum. The generous amount of chilli paste and laksa leaf elevate the dish with a complimentary spiceness and sourness respectively.

If you want some laksa, but want to avoid both the crowds and parking headache that is Katong, do yourself a favour and go eat this laksa, you won’t be disappointed.

Price: $4.00

Coffee shop: Katong laksa
Address: 307 Changi Rd, Telok Kurau
Hours: 8:30am to 3pm

Katong laksa

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