Curry puff @ Genie foods

Curry puff @ Genie foods

Who doesn’t love a curry puff?

A staple food of my childhood back in Adelaide was a [pasty](], and this is the closest equivalent found here in Singapore. This link to my childhood makes me try every new curry puff I stumble across (my current favourites are Tip Top and AMK puff).

I found this “curry puff and kueh specialist” at old airport rd, near the entrance closer to Dakota station. In the interest of my diet, I opted only for one curry puff today, so I went with curry chicken. Genie’s curry puff has a thin hard outer crust, its not a fluffy & buttery pastry, making it feel less sinful. Unfortunately the puff I ate today is a bit over fried for my liking. The curry itself has a nice kick to it — but its not entirely memorable. The chunkiness of the curry has disappeared and it has become more a paste, and the egg was boiled so there is a rubber texture. Overall this is a satisfying curry puff (I’d choose it over old chang kee), but it did not rock my world, which I need to justify in order to eat these calories. I will have to go back and try the assorted kueh, perhaps that is their sweet spot in snacks.

Price: $1.50

Hawker centre: Old Airport Road Food Centre
Address: #01-157, 51 Old Airport Rd, Mountbatten
Hours: 8:00am - 9:00pm

Genie curry puff

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