Shredded duck hor fun @ Rong kee (Bedok 211 branch)

Shredded duck hor fun @ Rong kee (Bedok 211 branch)

There is something about duck. The perfect combination of moistness, fattiness, and flavour — it hits chicken for six. This is a coffee shop I was just walking past as I was lost trying to find a POSB ATM in bedok town centre. To calm my frustrations I decided to have some duck, a comfort meal.

I chose to get the duck with hor fun. The amount of duck is generous for the price, often hawkers get a bit stingy with duck meat. I was given a lot of breast meat, with only a nice small amount of fat between the meat and the skin. The meat was everything I wanted it to be, tender, juicy, flavoursome. The hor fun was passable, nothing special, it wasn’t from Ipoh.

Did I mention the duck?

Price: $3.80

Coffee shop: BD 211 Food House
Address: #01-763, 211 New Upper Changi Rd
Hours: 9am - 9pm

Rong kee shredded duck hor fun

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