Wanton mee @ Dunman road char siew wan ton mee

Wanton mee

Sitting at dunman food centre gives the impression you are in a war zone. Metres and metres of orange mesh fencing is strewn across the tables and chairs. An orange camouflage against covid-19. Not exactly a pleasant experience any more — makes you want to eat fast and get out.

Dunman food centre taped up

So in order to be out of there fast, I ordered a bowl of wanton mee from a stall with no queue. The noodles were like nothing I had quite had before, slippery but with a firm texture. Definitely interesting. Covered in a bit too much lard oil perhaps, but hey it makes them delicious. The wantons were amazing, I could have eaten a plate of them. The char siew was decent, but nothing too special. The soup doesn’t look like much, but actually has quite a complex flavour and is light on the salt.

Some spicy chilli sauce

The thing that sets this dish apart from others is the power of their home made chilli sauce. It really should come with a warning notice. Its fierce. Almost gave me reflux the first time as I consumed too much of it. But addictive in that spicy chilli way, you just want to taste a little more, sweat a little more, burn a little more. I had to go get a sugar cane juice to help with the heat. I walked out of dunman food centre with my lips tingling. For people who love spicy food, this is a must try. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

Price: $3.50

Hawker centre: Dunman Food Centre
Address: #02-19, 271 Onan Rd, 424768
Hours: 9:30am - 7:30pm (closed thursdays)

Dunman road char siew wan ton mee

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