Epok-epok @ Kacang pool special


Amazing how different a curry puff can be, it seems so simple, but there are many variables: size, pastry to use, choice of filling, level of spiciness, include an egg or not; to name several.

I’ll admit I came to this stall primarily to try the kacang pool, alas it was all sold out (I was there at 2pm). But never to let an opportunity go to waste, I decided to try the epok-epok. The three makciks that operate this stall all seem to have a different job / food they produce. When I asked for kacang pool one told me it was sold out and when I asked for epok-epok I was directed to speak to another aunty. A real communal feel to this stall.

This epok-epok is supremely crispy, deep-fried perfection, but soft and goey in the inside. For me this is the perfect texture. The potato rempah filling was flavoursome but the spice factor could have been turned up a notch. The egg was surprisingly tasty, usually but the time the egg has been boiled, cooked in the rempah and deep fried, the proteins have been given no choice but to become rubbery. Somehow this egg was not rubbery, impressive skill by the makcik.

Epok-epok potato rempah filling

At $0.70c per epok-epok, I shall be back to buy in bulk.

Price: $0.70

Hawker centre: Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre
Address: #01-03, Blk 4A Eunos Cres, Singapore 402004
Hours: 7am - 9pm (closed Wednesdays)

Kachang pool special

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