Fried fish soup @ Hai xian zhi jia

Fried fish soup

The star of this dish is unabashedly the soup. Sure it has several pieces of peppery battered fish, some sliced bitter gourd, torn iceberg lettuce leaves, and some silken tofu. But the only thing I want is the soup. It looks amazing. It smells amazing. It tastes amazing. When I couldn’t get any more out with the spoon, I clasped the bowl, lifted it up to my mouth and drank every last drop as if it was a mug of coffee. Shamefully wiping my face with a tissue and looking around to see if anyone saw me.

Empty bowl

Price: $5.00

Hawker centre: Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre
Address: #01-38, Blk 4A Eunos Cres, Singapore 402004
Hours: 10am - 10pm

Hai xian zhi jia hawker stall

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