Bak chor mee @ Noodles reunion

Bak chor mee @ Noodles reunion

The year 2020 has not offered too much happiness so far, but one small gift has been the reopening of the Kwee Sai Fong Eating House (now called Frankel Eating House???). The previous owners put it up for rent just before COVID-19 struck our shores and therefore it took a while to find a new tenant. Sadly none of the old tenants have come along, and therefore my go to wanton mee has been lost - hopefully she is enjoying a well deserved retirement. However, new tenants have given it a new lease of life, with longer opening hours and six new stalls. All of which I will get to in good time. According to the drinks stall, they are still waiting on a booze licence. An essential service I would have thought seeing as one of the new stalls is Thai mookata!

But today I was craving carbs. I have been trying intermittent fasting in an effort to lose weight and all I seem to do is dream about carbohydrates all day. The good news is that the weight is headed in the right direction again. Thus I was excited to see this noodle stall open up and the middle dish was one of my favourite breakfasts / suppers – bak chor mee. The meal did not start off good, I realised the uncle and I had a communication problem and when I asked for more vinegar (chor), he instead gave me no vinegar whatsoever. Still, I wasn’t going to let this ruin the dish. His noodles, I ordered mee pok, had great QQ. The chilli was not spicy but it did add a great depth to the dish. I prefer less chilli at breakfast time, so this sauce is welcomed by my stomach. Surprisingly the highlight of the dish was the meatballs. Usually the meatballs taste extremely processed and almost stodgy. These has a wonderful texture and burst open with flavour in your mouth after a decent bite. Definitely not factory made, perhaps sourced from the wet market. I can excitedly say I will be coming back here regularly, try his special mee sua next time.

The soup was also bursting with flavour - just make sure you are a fan of fried shallots!

Reunion noodle bak chor mee soup

Price: $3.50

Coffee shop: Kwee Sai Fong Eating House
Address: 65 Frankel Ave, Siglap
Hours: Daytime? (To be confirmed)

Reunion noodle bak chor mee stall

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