Lor mee @ Noodlefellas

Lor mee @ Noodlefellas

So to set the scene, my wife was shopping and I was walking around to get some fresh air. When suddenly a downpour hit, the start of the monsoon season.


What else for it? A beer. Finding a coffee shop that sells craft beer is a rare event, even rarer in geylang. But here I was. This coffee shop just had a major renovation and was now selling RedDot beers at $10 a pint. The two options were the summer ale and the monster green lager (brewed with spirulina). I went with the green option, as I’d never had a green beer before. Turns out its quite refreshing!

Green beer

By now my stomach was rumbling. Carbohydrates were required. So I went with the lor mee. Not many dishes can pack more carbs into one little bowl. The noodles were al dente, chewy, and delicious, coated in a nice chilli and vinegar sauce. The ngoh hiang was tasty, but with huge pieces of water chestnut, I am still unsure if this is a positive or a negative. A decent lor mee and worth a try.

As I walked out towards Sims Ave, something was required to balance out the saltiness. As it was my luck, durian season just started spluttering into gear again with some black gold musang king from Pahang. Perfect end to the meal, at not such a perfect price.

Black gold

Price: $4.00

Coffee shop: FellasCube
Address: 440 Geylang Rd (corner Lorong 24)
Hours: 8am - 5pm


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