Bak chor mee @ Teochew fishball minced meat noodle

Bak chor mee @ Teochew fishball minced meat noodle

I found myself in geylang east visiting an aunty for some peranakan cooking lessons. To get some sustenance before my lessons I decided to get some carbs into me. I was attracted to this stall because it was run by some young guys and I always want to support young hawkers.

The bak chor mee was very generous with the ingredients. My favourite part is always my favourite part and this dish was bursting full of mushrooms. The pork slices were of good quality and there was no liver for the people that are squeamish about offal. The meat balls were decent, if factory made ones. The let down was the mee kia, which was slightly overcooked and had gone too soft and gluggy. The soup had an unusual sour flavour to it, but it was intriguing. A few pieces of lettuce are there for a healthy thought or two.

Overall not a bad bak chor mee, not amazing, but not bad.

Price: $3.50

Coffee shop: Geylang East Sin Hin Food Centre
Address: Blk 121, Geylang East Central
Hours: TBD

Teochew fishball minced meat noodle

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