Red ruby @ Peanut ice kachang

Red ruby

I’m not normally one for desserts, but this was another stinking hot day. I was not the only one with the same idea either. This stall doesn’t make it easy to choose. There are 24 desserts to choose from on the menu. I have a fondness for the colour red and for coconut milk, so red rubies seemed like the perfect choice for me. The shaved ice with coconut milk was decadent. This is a not a dessert for those counting their calories. The crunchy little red “rubies” were also tasty, little jellies with a crunch inside. Googling them, apparently its water chestnut in red tapioca jelly. I would have never guessed tbh. Wouldn’t be a proper asian dessert if they didn’t put some exotic fruit or beans in there I suppose…

This is one of the most refreshing asian desserts I have ever had. I was a little amazed I had never tried it before.

Price: $2.20

Hawker centre: Geylang East Hawker and Food Centre
Address: #01-21 117 Aljunied Ave 2, Geylang East
Hours: TDB

Peanut ice kachang

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