Spring onion pancake @ Yong he eating house

Spring onion pancake

Yong He Eating House is a semi-famous 24 hour coffee shop that sell taiwanese fair, or so I was told by a friend. I was killing time in Geylang, so I popped in for a quick snack. The spring onion pancake took my attention. Back in Australia, crispy spring onion pancakes are a staple of chinese restaurants. Crisp flaky pastry, butter and oil, contrasted with the spring onion sweet sharpness.

Regretfully, this was nothing like what I had experienced in Australia. The pancake itself was doughy, undercooked and almost limp. There was barely a spring onion to be found inside. Perhaps this is how the taiwanese eat it? I can’t imagine it to be so though. The edges of the pancake were crispy at least.

Soya milk

The soya milk was served in this weird plastic tumbler. I miss the days of glass. Drinks just taste better out of a glass. This particular soya milk was ok — but I’ve had better. The sugar levels were not too crazy, which I prefer, but ordering it cold it was poured out of the fridge and came with no ice.

Perhaps this place is famous for just being open.

Price: $1.80 (+ $1.70 for the soya milk)

Coffee shop: Yong He Eating House
Address: 458 Geylang Road, Lor 24A Geylang, 389417
Hours: 24 Hours

Yong He Eating House

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