Hong kong noodles @ Katong jago seafood zhi char

Hong kong noodles @ Katong jago seafood zhi char

I’m a sucker for fried noodles. Noodles over rice, any day of the week. Today I was going to have some beers with some mates and while I was waiting for them to arrive (why are Singaporeans always late?), I thought best to line my stomach with carbs. I decided to order from the zhi char I had previously ordered the fish head curry from. The name “Hong Kong Noodle” caught my attention. I wondered if it was anything like Singapore noodles, the beehoon fried with curry powder that is eaten all over the world, except in Singapore. It always amuses me.

The size of the plate of noodles that was brought out to me was a little overwhelming. At least I can’t complain about getting stinged on ingredients. $5.50 got me a mountain. There goes the diet.

Mountain of noodles

While the noodles are not fancy, they hit the spot. Fried egg noodles, with a lashing of bean sprouts, cabbage, char siew, crab stick, and egg. Not too oily, which is a mistake some economical bee hoon stalls make. Just a nice simple medley of ingredients. I hope for HK’s sake, they serve something as delicious as this. Now I was ready for the ensuing beers.

Price: $5.50

Coffee shop: Brunners coffee shop
Address: 228 East Coast Rd (corner Jago Close)
Hours: 11:30am - 10:30pm

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