Roasted chicken noodles @ Peking roasted chicken rice

Roasted chicken noodles @ Peking roasted chicken rice

Peking roasted chicken rice, at jalan tua kong, always has regular queue of customers. The stall also appears to be the first to open and last to close in the coffee shop. The uncle loves to race motor cars, having showed me pictures of him racing in Malaysia. Its also not uncommon to see him strumming a guitar or listening to music on the radio towards the end of the day.

Racing car driver

My love for noodles even extends to choosing wanton noodles over rice when eating roast chicken. I feel this could be sacrilege in Singapore. Although the star of this dish is the roast chicken. While they tend to give me breast meat, assuming thats what ang moh’s want, the breast meat was still amazingly juicy and flavoursome. And the portion was generous for a chicken rice stall. The roasted chicken skin (poached then fried), was finger lickin’ good as the colonel says. The stall also didn’t skimp on he amount of noodles or the choy sum. The soup was peppery, which cut through the fat of the chicken noodle.


Capitalism has even reached the coffee cups of this kopitiam, with real estate ads adorned on every cup. I wonder if it works.

Advert on coffee cup

This is easily one of the best roast chicken stalls in the east and there is always competition in chicken rice.

Price: $3.50

Coffee shop: Soy eu tua
Address: 15 Upper East Coast Rd, Siglap
Hours: 9am - 5pm (closed mondays)

Peking roasted chicken rice

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