Roti prata kosong @ Famous crispy prata

Roti prata kosong

I never knew this coffee shop existed, tucked away, a block behind the bustling joo chiat road. I was running an errand at a business nearby when I saw it. At this time, 1pm, the prata stall was the only thing still open. The entire coffee shop looks like it was trapped in time. The sort of place I love to sit and enjoy some kopi.

Famous crispy prata menu

I ordered two kosong prata, at $1.10 each, recently gone up by 10c based upon the masking taped menu. I could tell they were getting ready to close the stall, so I thought I would make it as easy as possible for them. You still want your prata to be cooked with some love and not haste.

Crispy prata

The prata were somehow crispy and fluffy on the outside, while being dough and chewy in the centre. Turns out this mixture of textures is a great combination. The fish curry was both spicy and sour. The tang of the curry cut through the ghee in the prata. I really, really enjoyed this.

Upon some googling, it seems this was the original stall of Mr and Mrs Monghan’s. I am unsure if they are still affiliated or just took over the stall after it was vacated. At least the queue here is shorter.

Price: $1.10 per piece

Coffee shop: Poh Ho Coffee Shop
Address: 7 Crane Rd, Singapore 429356
Hours: 6:30am - 1:30pm (closed mondays)

Famous crispy prata stall

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