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Wanton mee

“Num-ber…. twen-ty nine! Number twennnn-teee nine!” the uncle booms, sitting on a chair behind his wanton mee stall. The voice is so loud it reverberates around the small confined eatery of Roxy Square. A small well dressed boy, probably post-tuition lessons, scurries up and collects his plate of wanton mee from the uncle. Disappearing in the crowd as soon as he appeared.

“Syd-en-knee! Syd-en-knee!”. It was my turn. He had asked me where I was from and ended up calling out “Sydney” instead of a number. Most singaporeans seem to have a connection to Australia, either they lived / studied there, or a sibling or cousin lives there. If for anything, my nationality is always a good conversation starter.

The wanton mee is plated like bei-ing noodles is competing in Masterchef. The signature smear of dark sauce around the outside of the plate really gives a good visual effect. The price of the wanton noodles is high, at $6, so these extra little things do count.

Chunky char siew

The noodles are deliciously QQ, soaking up the mix of the spicy savoury chilli and sweet dark sauce. The portion is generous, you won’t go hungry. The char siew appears to be home made, thick pieces of pork basted with a sweet sticky sauce. I like this style, reminds me of when I make it myself on the BBQ, but I can see how it would not be to every ones taste. The dish comes with four fried wantons and four wantons in soup. My wife loves the crispy fried wantons and I prefer the soft silken wrappers of the wantons in the soup, so it works out well. The flavour of the soup itself is so-so, but I don’t mind as I was really here for the noodles.

This is definitely a plate of wanton mee to remember and the cost of the dish is worth the price of admission just to hear the uncles booming voice alone. After all, what makes hawkers interesting, is the people behind the stalls.

Price: $6.00

Coffee shop: Roxy Square I
Address: 50 East Coast Road, #01-64, 428769
Hours: 11am - 4pm

Bei-ing wanton noodles

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