Chilli & lime sliced fish soup @ Super fish

Chilli & lime sliced fish soup

The initial experience was confusing, the board advertises sea bream, but the server kept repeating “batang” after my order. I felt like we had a 2-minute circular conversation. I ended up motioning my hand towards the menu signage and she seemed happy I had made a decision. I had apparently selected the fish soup with chilli and lime.

When it arrived, the aroma was encompassing, it almost felt like I was in Thailand. Its a pretty simple soup, slices of fresh fish, with thick bee hoon noodles, and lombok cabbage. The soup has the amazing tom yum style tang to it. But then it hit me like a truck. The chilli. Instantly, I had beads of sweat appearing on my forehead. This soup really was like being thailand. While I do like my chilli, this spice level was above my pay grade. I could still eat it, but I wasn’t sure if it was enjoyable or not. The soup itself was addictive though, cooked with the fish bones for maximum flavour. I kept telling myself “One more sip and then I’ll stop I promise.”

Viscous fish soup

The price was $7.50 for the fish soup with noodles. While it does seem expensive for batang, there generous portion of fish makes up for it. Maybe I didn’t get the small? I have no idea. I do wish it was sea bream though. Batang can be quite strong tasting if the fish isn’t super fresh and for the cuts of flesh closer to the stomach.

Personally I wouldn’t order this again, just because it was too spicy for me to enjoy it. I will come back and try their other dishes though. There was so much fish in the soup, it was impressive to see.

Price: $7.50

Coffee shop: Hock Choo Eating House Address: 427 Changi Road, Kembangan
Hours: 11am - 8:30pm (closed sunday)

Super fish hawker stall

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