BBQ chicken wings @ Ah hwee bbq chicken wings

BBQ chicken wings

Marinated BBQ chicken wings slowly cooked over charcoals — there’s really nothing else like them. I don’t fully understand how these are not promoted as more of a “singapore cuisine” for tourists to try. Sure, they are only chicken wings, but they are amazing chicken wings. Coming from Australia, chicken wings are always more fried, grilled, or US hot wings style. I’m not even a huge chicken person, I’d rarely, if ever, order it off a menu. But there is something about these wings that become addictive.

East coast lagoon is all BBQ seafood, satay, and BBQ chicken wings. With so many different bbq wings options at east coast lagoon, its almost impossible to settle on a choice without using random selection. How to decide? I instinctively went with the cheapest one. More bang for your buck. Hence, I ended up at Ah Hwee.

The marinade (they must marinade for 24 hours?) is so good. Every bit of the wings flesh is a taste sensation. The charcoal flavour that infuses in the meat is superb and the texture it provides, crisping up the skin so it because taut over the meat.

The chilli sauce is a bit too tomato based for me and its lacking firepower. But if I’m honest, I don’t want to put the sauce on these wings. Feels like sacrilege masking the flavour of the meat.

I’ll be back for many more of these wings.

Price: $1.30 per wing

Hawker centre: East Coast Lagoon Food Village
Address: #01-14, 1220 East Coast Park Service Rd, 468960
Hours: 3pm - 11pm (open from 12pm on weekends)

Ah hwee bbq chicken wings

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