Ayam penyet @ Warung 786 ibu

Ayam penyet

Ayam penyet is not your everyday meal, the calorie count must be outrageous. So when you do decide to eat it, it must be good. Why waste precious calories on sub-standard food?? With this in mind, I decided to treat myself to some ayam penyet down at Warung 786 Ibu. Sadly, this was not the penyet I desired.

Let’s start with the positives. The chicken itself was tasty, not finger lickin’ delicious, but tasty and moist. Sadly the crust fell off the skin too easily, making it hard to eat. The other positive was the chilli sauce, while a little too tomato for my liking, it had a great kick.

On the other hand, the cucumber looked and tasted like it was picked last week. The rice was overcooked and gluggy, with the grain clumping together. And the soup was covered in a layer of oil, making it quite unpalatable.

With so many good ayam penyets around, I would put this one down the list of ones to waste your calories on.

Old cucumber and oily soup

Price: $5.00

Hawker centre: Marine Terrace Market and Food Centre
Address: Blk 50A Marine Terrace
Hours: TBD

Warung 786 ipu

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