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Ban mee

First of all going into the coffee shop at 4pm for lunch leaves you little options, you take what you can get from whatever stall is open. Today that stall was “King of Ban Mee”.

First impressions weren’t good. The soup was scalding hot, I burnt the tip of my tongue before I almost dropped the spoon back into the bowl. The spoon was another bugbear of mine, some decent chopsticks accompanied by a disposable plastic spoon. IS IT SO HARD TO NOT HAVE DISPOSABLE CUTLERY?!

Egg and Ikan Bilis

…but from here the bowl of ban mee managed to turn itself around. The soup, once it was cool enough to taste, was amazing. The ikan bilis were fried perfectly, packages of salty goodness. The handmade wheat noodles, perfect for slurping and with a nice bite. The egg was poached in the soup, but with the yolk still perfectly runny. Interestingly, there were small cut up pieces of shiitake mushrooms in the soup, which gave it a great savouriness.

The soup is what makes this ban mee standout. Rich and complex, but clean and not oily at the same time. The perfect dish in siglap for a rainy day.

Price: $4.50

Coffee shop: LTN Food Village
Address: 936 East Coast Rd, Siglap
Hours: TBD

King of Ban Mee

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