Spicy thai spaghetti @ Love noodles

Spicy thai spaghetti @ Love noodles

Love Noodles is a new hawker stall at the 3838 Eating House kopitiam adjacent to Siglap canal. They offer an intriguing new concept I haven’t seen much of, thai-western fusion. How could I refuse to try? Especially since I also love noodles, who doesn’t?

On recommendation of the owner, I ordered the spicy thai spaghetti. Its a choose your own adventure type scenario, type of noodle (spaghetti is the default), type of protein (I chose pork), and power of the chilli (to be safe I went with medium).

The pork came out as larb, seemingly a thai variation on spag bol. The flavours were strongly thai influenced, the medley of salt, sour, sweet, and of course spicy. I was glad I only ordered the medium chilli level, as it was damn power. I had to order an Asahi just to defuse the chilli – at least that’s what I tell myself. The pasta was nice and al dente and I loved the flavour of the holy basil throughout. The oily sauce coated the spaghetti perfectly. The fusion worked. The noodle dish felt like comfort food from the first time you eat it. The price seemed a bit expensive at ~$6 for minced pork and spaghetti, perhaps its worth trying a different protein next time for more bang for buck.

Over the period of time I have been living in the east, I have seen high turnover in the last two stalls of this kopitiam, ranging from a laksa, indian muslim fare x2 , hokkien mee, and crab etc. Sadly, I think the success and longevity of the other stalls hinders the ability of newer stalls to get a foothold in this coffee shop. Especially since it started to close early at night due to low patronage. The more support locals provide for new ventures the better imo. I wish Love Noodles the best of luck!

Price: $5.90

Coffee shop: 3838 Eating Place
Address: 727 East Coast Rd, Siglap
Hours: 11am - 8:30pm (closed tuesday)

Love noodles

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