Lemongrass chicken wings @ Love noodles

Lemongrass chicken wings

This was the second time I have visited this Thai food stall, love noodles. This time I was in a snacky mood and decided to match their lemongrass chicken wings to the asahi beer I had already ordered.

The stall was quite busy filling orders for online delivery platforms, but they were still quite prompt in bringing out the wings to me. The highlight here is the marinade, the guy explained they marinated them in the lemongrass and garlic mixture overnight. The wings were deep-fried will a great crispy texture.

Heavily marinated chicken wing

The chicken meat had a lot of myoglobin (meat with a bloody appearance), which does not bother me, but I know its not to everyone’s taste. The fried chicken matched perfectly with the accompanying chilli sauce, which tasted like nam jim jaew, but I am not an expert in Thai cuisine.

Nam jim jaew

The only negative is that it is on more the expensive side, compared to common charcoal bbq style chicken wings that are usually only ~$4.50 for the same amount of wings.

Price: $5.90

Coffee shop: 3838 Eating Place
Address: 727 East Coast Rd, Siglap
Hours: 11am - 8:30pm (closed tuesday)

Love noodles

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