Yong tau foo @ Yuan wei dou fu yuan

Yong tau foo @ Yuan wei dou fu yuan

Yong tau foo, the hawker dish you can pretend is healthy, until you order all the fried items that you really crave. The yong tau foo at eating world 3838 is the dry style. You choose minimum of 5 items, they deep fry them and the braised in a sauce. Served on the side is a bowl of thick bee hoon in a brown sauce with minced chicken and mushrooms. It is very similar to the fu lin tofu garden restaurant just around the corner, giving me suspicions that they are some how related or at least were at some stage.

I usually try to choose equal fried options to fresh vegetables. Really only because it makes me feel better about my LDL and triglyceride levels. Yuan wei has a good selection of fresh vegetables, vegetables stuffed with fish paste, fried tofu selections, and other deep fried balls and seaweed chicken. The chilli sauce they serve is to die for. I ended up pouring it all over the fried items.

Vegetable and fried items

If the yong tau foo selections don’t fill you up, the bowl of thick bee hoon with minced chicken gravy won’t leave much room in your belly. This is probably a dish that is best shared with friends and family than eating solo if I’m honest. I had to get a kopi kosong gao just to stop myself from falling asleep after.

Thick bee hoon with minced pork gravy

Price: $6.20 ($3.00 for min 5 pieces + $1 for noodles)

Coffee shop: 3838 Eating Place
Address: 727 East Coast Road, Siglap
Hours: 10:30am - 3pm (closed thursdays)

Yuan wei yong tau foo hawker stall

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