Chee cheong fun with zai er @ Wan fen chee cheong fun

Chee cheong fun with zai er

Wan fen chee cheong fun is a new stall at the Bullion Hawker Bar, that I first noticed at night, but it was closed. Being a big fan of chee cheong fun, I made a trip down at lunch time to sample. There a several different options, standard ones like prawns, to atas options of waygu beef. I went with option 1, the CCF with zai er. I actually had no idea what zai er really was and the photo in the overhead menu was not entirely clear either. Turns out its a strip of fried bean curd that I had regularly had in yong tau foo. According to the interwebs, zai er is supposed to be mock goose skin? I cannot confirm or deny this information as I have never eaten goose skin.

The presentation is nice. The chee cheong fun comes in an old school yellow metal bowl with blue trimming. Even the spoon is metal, which is cool. The CCF looks to be drowned in sauce, perhaps half the amount might have been enough.

The CCF skin is silky smooth. The thickness is on the thicker end of the scale, but this is balanced out by how soft it is. Each piece seems to be silkier than the last. The chilli was sweet and not particularly spicy, the dish almost didn’t need it. The zai er was crunchy and oily, good for a hangover, but can’t say I would choose it again. Ruined the cleanness of the dish for me, however is was nice. I still prefer the CCF at yong huat, but I’d eat here again.

Price: $3.50

Coffee shop: The Bullion Hawker Bar
Address: 396 East Coast Rd, Telok Kurau
Hours: 9am - 6pm (closed thursdays)

Wan fen chee cheong fun

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