Hokkien mee @ Geylang lorong 29 charcoal fried hokkien mee

Hokkien mee

After another long lockdown, it felt liberating to be back eating outside at a coffee shop again. There is something comforting, almost tranquil, about the cooking sounds of spatulas banging against woks. Add to that the aromas that waft out from behind each hawker stall as the cooking occurs. It is Singapore.

I was first introduced to this particular hokkien mee by my mother-in-law over a decade ago. Extended family gatherings are often accompanied by huge quantities of this hokkien mee wrapped in the traditional opeh leaves. So I must admit I rarely bother to go down and purchase it myself.

The service of the stall left a little to be desired. Apparently by coming down to makan at 2:30pm, I was going to interrupt some mobile gaming time. I got the feeling I put him out by asking for plate of hokkien mee. My bad 😕

This is not a pretty looking hokkien mee, however hokkien mee should not be pretty — aesthetically presentable plates of hokkien mee instantly arouse suspicion. The two signature calling cards of this hokkien mee are the cooking process over charcoals, giving it a wonderful smoky flavour, and the quality and freshness of the seafood ingredients that go into it. The style of this hokkien mee seems to be a middle ground between wet and dry, gluggy is a word that comes to mind. While I enjoy it, personally it does become too much for me after several mouthfuls. It is not the sort of noodles I can eat a mountain of.

Sadly, today the charcoal flavour was not quite there. On the other hand, the quality of the ingredients justifies the higher than average price. The prawns and sotong are always top quality, bursting with flavour and a wonderful texture. In fact I would go as far to say its some of the best prawns I’ve ever had from a hawker meal. The other highlight of this dish is the chili sauce, it packs a punch and the oiliness of the sambal does coat and stick to the noodles perfectly.

Quality ingredients

As a bonus, the coffee shop sells a selection of about 20-30 different craft beers, the perfect accompaniment for a plate of hokkien mee. The friendly guy working there recommended me an IPA, which cost me $13, delivered to my table.

Quality ingredients

This is good hokkien mee and I can see why so many people love it, but personally I prefer the brothers version physically located at geylang lor 29.

Price: $6.00

Coffee shop: The Bullion Hawker Bar
Address: 396 East Coast Rd, Telok Kurau
Hours: 12am - 9pm (closed Mondays)

Geylang lor 29 hokkien mee stall

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