Laksa yong tau foo @ Koo kee yong tow foo mee

Laksa yong tau foo

I went back to koo kee yong tau foo because the food was so good. The coffee shop has undergone a renovation and for once its a renovation I approve of. The designers kept some of the original style for the old uncles, keeping some of the coffee shop nostalgia, while creating more smaller tables and adding more lighting.

Kim san leng renovation 1

Kim san leng renovation 2

As it was a rainy day, I tried the laksa version of the YTF. The laksa version is the same prices as the set but you don’t get the side dish of the veggies. However, I know the effort that goes into making a good laksa so I understand you have to pay for it. The YTF ingredients are the same, but it comes with the thick yellow mee, although I probably could have asked for something else.

Yellow mee soaking in gravy

The laksa gravy is amazing. But here in lies the problem. The gravy does not really permeate either the ingredients or the noodles. I ended up leaving the noodles soaking for 15 mins to really let them absorb the flavour. I’m not sure I would order this again, even though the laksa gravy is so good. I’d prefer to just get a laksa. Lesson learnt.

Price: $5.20

Coffee shop: Kim San Leng
Address: 324 Changi Road, 419799
Hours: 8:30am - 8:30pm

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