Craft beer and cider @ Yi fa hot and cold drinks

Craft beer and cider @ Yi fa hot and cold drinks

The craft beer scene is currently exploding in Singapore. You are able to taste delicious ranges of brews at cool bars, stalls in hawker centres, to local microbreweries. In following this trend, it is refreshing to now see drink stalls in hawkers centres that offer more than the usual Asia Pacific or Carlsberg choices.

Uncle Allen has been well ahead of the trend, offering a wide variety of been by the bottle for several years. His stock of beers range from craft American IPAs, to German wheat beers, and even Somerset ciders. There is something for everyone here and at a decent price compared to bars and pubs in the area.

Snow beer

Although, the specialty at this stall is the snow beer, not the tasteless beer from China, but a super cold beer. The bottle of beer is stored in a freezer, along with the glass, to create a icy effect similar to snow when its poured out — a snow dome effect. Probably the most refreshing cold beer you can have. I first came across this beer freezing technique in the old town at Ipoh. While it might seem that the beer would get flat, the temperature appears to be just warm enough so that when the beer does become icy it retains enough carbonation. There is simply nothing better on a hot Singapore afternoon, especially with the views east coast park has to offer.

East coast park vistas

Price: Most beers under $10

Hawker centre: East coast lagoon food village
Address: #01-25, 1220 East coast parkway
Hours: 11:00am - 11:00pm (closed mondays)

yi fa hot and cold drinks stall

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