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Kacang pool

I had previously tried to eat the kacang pool here, but the kacang pool had sold out by the time I got there. Today I made sure to arrive in the morning. I found out about kacang pool from the interwebs. The dish, essentially a fava or broad bean stew, sounded really interesting and quite different from the usual breakfast fare. A quick google found Kacang Pool Special to be the closest stall to my house, hence why I am here. Other versions could be found at Geylang Serai and Bedok Corner.

The kacang pool is garnished with chopped fresh shallots and green chilli and served with a side dish of calamansi, salt, and warm crusty french bread. The aunty enquires if my first time eating kacang pool, to which I say yes. She explains that the dish is not common at hawker centres and many people have not encountered the dish and don’t know how to eat. Her advice is to add the lime juice and stir, but to use the salt sparingly, if at all. Eat the stew and then mop up the rest with the bread.

Dipping the bread into the stew

From the outset the dish is aromatic, and one taste gives a depth to the flavour of the kacang pool. The beans have been partially mashed giving some texture to the dish. Ignoring the aunty’s advice slightly, I start by adding the lime, some salt and dipping the bread immediately into the stew. Before I know it I am out of bread and there is still a lot of stew. Rookie mistake. There is a fried egg in the middle with a runny yolk, which I manage to break and the yolk blends into the stew, increasing the richness. The richness is intense, but is cut through by the lime, shallots, and green chilli. You can see why they are necessary. The kacang pool is a lot more oily than I expected. you would think a bean stew should be nice and healthy, however, I am not sure I could eat this every day. But damn if it is not addictive.

Price: $4.00

Hawker centre: Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre
Address: #01-03, Blk 4A Eunos Cres, Singapore 402004
Hours: 7am - 9pm (closed Wednesdays)

Kachang pool special

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